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Removing Water Damage from Hyde Park Properties

5/10/2022 (Permalink)

water damage dripping down a wall from the ceiling SERVPRO has the proper equipment needed to remediate water damage in your Hyde Park home. Call on our experts for assistance.

Hyde Park Water Damage Often Requires Experienced SERVPRO Restoration

From spills to plumbing issues, thousands of homes throughout Dutchess County experience some type of damage incident in their lives. Professional restoration is often beneficial for several reasons, considering the severity of these situations and how easily water can migrate beyond the origin point.

SERVPRO understands how typical water damage in Hyde Park homes can be. Because of how frequently our administration receives these restoration requests, we keep skilled WRT-Certified technicians available 24/7 to help. Prompt arrival after these disasters ensures the necessary mitigative steps are taken to protect the property, contents, and house occupants.

Types of Water Damage

It is estimated that insurance providers pay out more than two billion dollars annually in the restoration required for water and subsequent mold damage. Professional restoration technicians approach different disasters with specific mitigation and recovery solutions based on the affected areas of the house. Three types of water or moisture damage include:

  • Surface Water – This is the visible presence of water and moisture on the surface of building materials or pooling on the property.
  • Absorbed Water – Porous materials exposed to water can absorb this moisture, requiring a different restoration type.
  • Hidden Caches – When the water reaches structural cavities, these systems can hold moisture and promote secondary effects like mold development.

Common Causes of Water Damage

There are many threats to a residence that fall under the heading of water disasters. While the degree of damage can vary considerably, all emergencies like these should be approached urgently using mitigative strategies. Common triggers of damage include:

  • Leaks - Loose fittings, damaged connections, and pressure fluctuations can all impact the development of leaks throughout the plumbing system and at connected fixtures.
  • Appliances - Water-fed appliances are standard installations for homes. Washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters all play a role in comfortable living but can be destructive to a home when these appliances malfunction.
  • Burst Pipes - From considerable temperature changes to aging plumbing, burst pipes can produce high volumes of water in the affected areas. Extraction and drying are both critical processes to follow.
  • Flooding - Post-storm flooding is another infiltrating and aggressive form of damage your home could experience. Invading water from outside can cripple your building’s structural envelope and defenses, making the repair SERVPRO can offer as helpful as the restoration.

Effective Water Mitigation

Mitigation is the collection of processes our professionals undertake to address the pressing concerns of water damage before much of the restoration begins. Some emergency services within this phase precede even the job scoping by our management, allowing us to overcome steep obstacles to the recovery like standing water, damaged contents, structural deterioration, and immediately needed repairs.

Mitigating losses lower the expected restoration time and reduce out-of-pocket expenses for the customer. Water restoration professionals are ready to mobilize with helpful tools and products to begin protecting what matters most with our continuous availability.

Drying Water Threats

There are hundreds of drying decisions made for every water damage incident your home or business endures. As IICRC-compliant and experienced restoration professionals, we arrive with a fleet of vehicles stocked with mitigation and cleanup products. Specific processes utilize a combination of air movers, dehumidification, and heat.

  • Surface Drying
  • Structural Cavities
  • Capillary Suction
  • Humidity Management

It is necessary to address water damage in Hyde Park homes as soon as possible to avoid structural impact. Our SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County team can help. Call now at (845) 635-4550.

Fight Hyde Park Fire Damage with Experienced Help

5/10/2022 (Permalink)

firefighter putting out a fire Effective clean-up and remediation are needed when fire damage affects your Hyde Park home. Contact our certified SERVPRO technicians for services.

SERVPRO Helps After Hyde Park Fire Damage to Restore Properties

Fire damage can have a more significant impact on homes and businesses than many property owners realize. Some commercial loss incidents can be so severe that the company never reopens, so having fast, reliable, professional restoration is critical to returning to preloss conditions. SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County provides a full-service approach to repair and recovery.

There are dozens of possible causes for fire damage in Hyde Park homes, so the related restoration approaches change to suit these varying circumstances. Our primary objective is mitigating loss and protecting the structure in the earliest stages, incorporating our helpful balance of experienced technicians and general contractor license available 24/7. 

Mitigating Fire Damages

A reason for our continually growing and learning roster of fire damage restoration professionals is the urgency of loss incidents. Combustion leaves volatile environments that require immediate action to prevent more significant damage, structural compromise, or personal harm. The availability of our rapid response team ensures that we have qualified and certified technicians ready to help with:

  • Temporary Structural Work - Board up and tarping services are often needed, making our general contractor license a beneficial accreditation for emergency services. We seal over structural vulnerabilities and provide any urgent utility repairs.
  • Fire Debris Removal - Debris removal describes the physical actions to remove the heaps of ash, blistered building materials, and soot throughout the structure. Removing these harsh byproducts of combustion allows for less concentrated soot and odor damage during the subsequent fire cleanup and smoke remediation steps.
  • Content Relocation - The team works to determine the best course of action with exposed personal belongings, furniture, and household contents. If the items can be relocated to a safer area on the premises, this is desirable against the pack-out process to move these objects to our nearby SERVPRO facility.

Smoke Damage Remediation

Several pressing concerns exist with removing post-fire smoke damage from the property. Smoke can spread rapidly in a structure, even penetrating porous materials to be a more severe obstacle for restoration professionals working to resolve the problem. Depending on the type of smoke damage, restoration can take starkly different paths. Some of the usual compositions of soot and smoke damage seen on surfaces include:

  • Wet Smoke - Smoldering fires produce thick and challenging moist residues on surfaces. Because of the composition of these soils, solvents and detergents are needed for emulsification and dissolving.
  • Dry Smoke - High-heat fire loss events produce a thin, chalky film after several fuels are consumed during combustion. Dry cleaning methods can often be an efficient approach.
  • Grease/Protein Residues - These types of soils result from kitchen fires directly correlated with cooking. Grease fires specifically can be violent and get quickly out of control. Nearby surfaces can be coated with a thick protein residue that requires solvents to address.
  • Furnace Puffback Soils - Oil furnaces are a standard installation for their efficient heating of Dutchess County homes. When micro-explosions occur in the ignition chamber, ionized and moist soot damage can be propelled through the ducts into connected rooms.

Capable FSRT-Certified Professionals

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification set many industry standards governing expected results and quality restoration work. Through coursework and education provided by this organization, we have effectively trained multiple members of our roster to know how to rapidly manage several facets of fire damage restoration and recovery, including:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Soot removal
  • Content cleaning
  • Air quality improvement
  • Structure drying
  • Repairs

Fire damage in Hyde Park properties is unexpected and destructive, but SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County has experienced FSRT-Certified professionals to help. Call us today at (845) 635-4550.

Hyde Park Mold Damage Is a Threat to Households

5/10/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO car in a parking lot overlooking a lake When you need mold damage restoration in Hyde Park, you can trust SERVPRO to get the job done.

Mold Damage in Hyde Park Properties Should Be Professionally Remediated

Along with water damage that typically serves as a cause, mold destroys homes and requires several cleaning, repair, and remediation levels. The threat to your house amplifies the longer that microbial threats go unchallenged and unresolved. SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County has a roster of qualified and experienced remediation professionals to help mitigate loss and clean up after microbial damage.

Discovering Mold Damage

Mold damage in Hyde Park residences and businesses is not always easy to distinguish and recognize. Even with the highly destructive nature of active colonization, you might not immediately notice a forming microbial organism if you are not conscious of this possibility. A few potential signals for a developing microbial concern include:

  • Malodors – An identifying condition that could indicate active colonization is an offensive, musty odor in specific areas of your household.
  • Physical Spotting – Drywall can show physical signs of mold exposure, often in the form of irregular spots appearing on the painted visible interior surface.
  • Damp Surfaces – Surfaces that stay wet to the touch or areas of your home that are noticeably humid can be ideal conditions for active colonies.

What Makes Mold Destructive?

Microbial growth is underrated because many homeowners do not realize what must happen to sustain and support a colony of mold spores. Organic matter is a food source for organisms, deteriorating structural elements hosting microbes. Wood particles in drywall, for instance, can be food for the colony and remain damp enough to facilitate the growth of the organism as well.

Remediation Solutions for Mold Damage

Even with containment barriers installed to limit the available migration of active mold spores, several surfaces can be impacted or influenced by colonies growing in the work area. Several remediation strategies can help, including:

  • Surface Treatment - Chlorine products and sporicidal solutions from our inventory have lower toxicity than other chemicals, so they are more widely used as the first defense against active microbial threats.
  • Abrasive Cleaning - Media like sodium bicarbonate or ground corn cobs combined with pressurized air or water can effectively remove active surface mold concerns without ruining the host material. This is an appropriate next step if surface treatment solutions are not penetrative enough.
  • Sanding/Mechanical Action - Hand and power sanding approaches remove a thin layer of surface material from building elements like wood framing. If this process is enough to remove the full hyphae of the organism, it can prevent tear-out and reconstruction.
  • Controlled Demolition - This process utilizes the full spectrum of available services with our general contractor license to perform calculated and precise removal of affected building materials. Partial removal strategies improve reconstruction times and prevent higher remediation costs.

Full-Service Contractors for Mold Damage

Our contractor license is advantageous in choosing the high-efficiency remediation services our SERVPRO professionals provide. While controlled demolition is a staple of remediation approaches, having a team of capable professionals able to repair and build back the residence after mold damage cleanup is critical. Our reconstruction targets remediation-related damage and necessary steps to prevent mold recurrences.

"Like it never even happened."

As with all restoration and remediation actions that our team takes, we strive to remove mold and overcome the physical harm to the property however possible. Our objective is to return the house to preloss condition, which means a state where you can no longer tell that destructive mold impacted the residence.

When mold damage in Hyde Park is discovered, trust our SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County remediation team to help. We are available 24/7 at (845) 635-4550.

Commercial Water Damage in Poughkeepsie

5/9/2022 (Permalink)

STOREFRONTS IN TOWN Let SERVPRO keep your Poughkeepsie business "open" for business following water damage.

Why Is SERVPRO the Trusted Choice for Water Removal?

Commercial property can be at higher risk of suffering from water leaks, burst pipes, or flooding than a private residence. Due to the higher usage of plumbing systems in cafes, restaurants, or bars, it is not uncommon for property managers to experience water emergencies. Often, these emergencies can cause a temporary closure, during which time the business itself suffers a loss of revenue. Since We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, call SERVPRO to protect your business.

We provide professional assessment, remediation, and cleaning services for our business communities that suffer from commercial water damage in Poughkeepsie. Crew chiefs here at SERVPRO are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to carry out vital prevention and cleanup tasks for your business. We can also arrange a service with you immediately on receiving notification of loss, which is exclusive to commercial jobs and emergency services like flooding.

Where there is water, there is likely the presence of microbes. These bacteria can cause unpleasant odors or staining on furnishings. Moreover, they can result in mold growth in the right conditions and if left unchecked. We have the expertise to identify different scales of water damage with the ability to prevent a minor emergency from becoming more severe.

One essential preventative method is establishing proper drying techniques. Standing water can be pumped out to a nearby sewer point. Alternatively, low moisture levels are subjected to water extractors to facilitate removal. Water generally moves from wet to dry and can saturate carpet pads or subfloor- even hard floors like concrete. SERVPRO can remove and dispose of carpet pads, using moisture meters to assess the subfloor.

In cases with significant saturation, we can establish a drying zone. To create a drying zone, SERVPRO places a combination of rapid air movers and dehumidifiers. By controlling the humidity and reducing it to below 40 GPP, we can quickly draw moisture from hard floors or other furnishings.

Protecting assemblies, furnishings, and products for sale or manufacturing are paramount concerns when dealing with water damage in commercial properties. Get your business back on track; contact SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County at (845) 635-4550.

Why SERVPRO Can Ease the Stress of Coping with Mold Damage in Hyde Park

5/9/2022 (Permalink)

signs of mold, mildew Mold and mildew problems in Hyde Park? Call SERVPRO to make it "Like it never even happened."

Hyde Park Property Owners and Mold Remediation

Nearly every homeowner in Hyde Park faces the frustration of mold growth at some time or another. As we retreat inside our homes and prepare for the colder weather and holidays, the last few weeks of the year are not an optimum time to discover the staining, musty odor, and possible structural harm mold can cause. Our research-based understanding of microbial growth and proven methods that can remediate current mold issues and help prevent recurrence are why we are in demand during an outbreak.

 Mold Growth Is Not a Sign of Poor Housekeeping

Merely keeping up with the cleaning and maintenance of your home in Hyde Park cannot prevent mold damage. Mold spores share our environment invariably, needing only a bit of water and 24 to 48 hours undisturbed to begin their life cycle. Ironically, vigorous cleaning methods and conventional cleaning and disinfecting products can worsen the situation. Training in microbial growth theory and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mold remediation protocols are why we can abate mold problems effectively.

Look for the Water

The frequent development of mold colonies after a water event is a logical reason why SERVPRO added microbial remediation as a service. We vigilantly inspect for mold growth when we respond to a water emergency. Even without a water crisis like a leak or appliance overflow, millions of spores are probably settled or airborne near you as you read these words. They only become problematic when moisture is available and absorbed. During the late fall and winter, some of the ways mold colonies take hold can rely on tracking in wet leaves, snow, and ice. Holiday decorations might arrive with microbial growth already begun on branches or conifer needles. Keeping festive plants and fresh-cut trees hydrated can also accelerate mold growth with spills from traffic bumps and overwatering.

Diluted Cleaning Solutions or Disinfectant Sprays Can Be Ineffective

A diluted bleach solution is often a homeowner’s go-to when battling mold. Unfortunately, the bleach frequently does not penetrate the organism's deeply embedded “roots’”. The water in the mix ultimately feeds the mold rather than killing it. Broadcast applications of antimicrobials can reduce airborne contamination briefly to make the work area marginally safer but are not enough on their own to remediate mold colony growth and proliferation. These methods fall short, which is why SERVPRO employs the EPA protocol.

Effective Remediation Procedures

Contain the moldy area using heavy-duty plastic to create partitions and negative pressure air scrubbing technology to seal the perimeter.

  • Contain the moldy area using heavy-duty plastic to create partitions and negative pressure air scrubbing technology to seal the perimeter.
  •  Remove the mold from solid surfaces using scrapers and brushes, and try gentle abrasion techniques like soda blasting to clear porous materials of mold and incapacitate the embedded hyphae.
  •  Clean up the work area with HEPA-filtered vacuums and wipe downs with EPA-registered cleaning solutions
  •  Apply EPA-registered antimicrobials to inhibit regrowth and consider coating affected building materials with sealants containing antimicrobials to provide a clear surface for refinishing

Adherence to the research-based EPA mold remediation protocol is why SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County can return your home to pre-mold loss condition. Call us at (845) 635-4550 to schedule an evaluation if you have mold damage concerns.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration When You Need it in Poughkeepsie

5/9/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO car in front of school From schools to coffee shops SERVPRO provides commercial-grade fire damage restoration for Poughkeepsie

Call SERVPRO in Poughkeepsie for Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Even a smaller commercial property may have an immense amount of inventory onsite. If your Poughkeepsie business has a fire, you have a lot on your shoulders when getting back on your feet. To help lessen the burden, SERVPRO’s fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) are available with proven commercial fire cleanup and restoration services. Whether a blaze occurs during business hours or an overnight shift, you can count on us to be there within hours to begin assessment and cleaning.

What about all of the contents you have? With our commercial fire damage restoration efforts in Poughkeepsie, we have perfected the process of taking detailed inventory for pack-out/move-out situations. This comes in very handy whether you have an office building with desks, files, and equipment or you have a commercial kitchen with appliances, linens, and furnishings.

Let us handle the heavy-lifting as fire cleanup gets underway

In many commercial fire situations, packing up contents and moving them is the best course of action. We separate items to get moved out for cleaning or contents heading to off-site storage so that we have more room to work on the restoration.

During our initial assessment, we take a look at things like:

  • Upholstered items, clothing, and fabrics that call for careful cleaning
  • Small equipment, including office items and electronics, calls for specialized cleaning carried out by trusted local vendors
  • Heavy equipment, such as machinery or large appliances, may have to remain in place for cleaning/restoration
  • Surface soot removal that can get carried out with wet or dry cleaning methods

We tailor each project to the unique needs of our commercial clients, understanding that no two jobs are alike. Our crew works fast to stop secondary damage from moisture and corrosive soot in its tracks.

Contact us at SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County when you require commercial fire damage restoration. Call us at (845) 635-4550.

SERVPRO Has a Full Team of Restoration Experts

5/8/2022 (Permalink)

two SERVPRO employees unloading cleaning equipment out of a green van No matter the damage sustained, SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess has the tools and team to quickly help your home return to a normal state.

SERVPRO is more than a general services company providing clean-up, construction, or restoration. We are here for all manmade or natural disasters anytime they strike.

Our weather here in New York can be unpredictable. SERVPRO can handle any disaster we experience.

Water Damage

Heavy rains and snowmelt in our area have resulted in flooding and extensive damage. Flash flooding happens quickly and can cause extreme amounts of damage. More than $10 billion in damages results from floods nationwide every year.

Flooding can affect all those who own a home or business, but SERVPRO has the experience and tools to help. We can determine the severity of your damage and layout a plan for recovery so that you can make informed decisions.

We have the tools to detect hidden water damage and remove standing water. Our restoration plan will ensure that your home is clean, dry, and back to preloss condition.

Fire Damage

Every 23 seconds, a fire department responds to a fire, and there was close to $8.1 billion in damage and losses nationwide in 2020. If you have sustained fire damage, we’ll take action right away with our seven-step restoration plan.

This process starts with assessing and inspecting the damage and progresses through all the necessary steps before beginning repairs and construction. This ensures the proper restoration of your belongings.

Storm Damage

While our weather typically stays mild in most seasons, we still experience severe thunderstorms and heavy snow. These extreme versions of our weather can lead to severe damage. SERVPRO’s goal is to get you back to your restored home quickly.

Storm and water damage can reach everything from the exterior structure of your business or home to the items stored inside. We specialize in content restoration, and we want to restore rather than replace.

Our services include dry, wet, foam, and abrasive cleaning. If your home needs deep-cleaning, we also offer move-out services so that we can bring you back to preloss condition.

What Sets SERVPRO Apart?

We’re there when you need us. You can reach out to us via our 247 Emergency Line day or night and receive assistance anytime.

Our team in green is part of the No. 1 cleanup and restoration team in the nation with more than 50 years of experience. We’re your New York neighbors, but we’re also covered by a network of more than 1,900 locations around the United States, so you can rest assured we’ll have your home or business back to “Like it never even happened” status as quickly as possible.

Regardless of the damage sustained, SERVPRO has the tools and teams to help your home or business recover from its disastrous effects. Contact us anytime when you need a dependable team to help you rebuild your life.

Water and the Damage It Does Over Time

5/5/2022 (Permalink)

a bathroom sink showing signs of a water leak SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess is your 24/7 water restoration expert. Call us right away if you need immediate service.

That leaky faucet or little water spot may not seem like a significant issue right now but never underestimate the toll that moisture can take on your home. In a year, a simple household leak can waste almost 10,000 gallons of water.

Water moves quickly, drenching floors, soft surfaces, and walls as it goes. The faster an issue is addressed, the better the results will be.

Here are some things you need to know about the timeline of water damage:

In the First 24 Hours

Every household has a one in four chance of a flood caused damage in a 30-year timeframe of living in a high-risk area. Knowing how to handle water intrusion is essential.

The first 24 to 48 hours after flooding or water damage are crucial. Some items will immediately become damaged.

Upholstery and other furnishings will quickly soak through, and wooden items will swell as moisture moves through. Personal items such as photos and books are subject to warping beyond recognition.

Mold can also begin to form in this timeframe. The faster moisture is addressed in the home the less damage there will be.

SERVPRO has the mentality to “restore vs. replace” in order to preserve as many of your keepsakes as possible and save you money. Any items that cannot be restored will be communicated to you, and we will handle any required removal in order to continue the drying process.

Within the First Week

Once the first day has passed, water damage will continue to progress fast. Mold spreads like wildfire when there is excessive moisture. Once mold has set in, even the home’s structure is at risk for damage.

In addition, porous surfaces such as walls and wooden items will become compromised, while metal surfaces will corrode.

After One Week

Standing moisture should be avoided at all costs as the effects could be both catastrophic and irreversible. As more time passes, the cost and efforts to restore will become astronomical, while the risks to the structure of the home increase.

How SERVPRO Will Help

SERVPRO’s process begins when you call us, with the best results happening if the call comes within 24 hours. Service will begin with water extraction to prevent further spread and reduce total drying time.

Floors, furniture, and other belongings will need sanitizing, deodorizing, and cleaning. Once the majority of the water is removed, we will use our industry-leading drying equipment to remove the water you can’t see.

Once the steps are complete, we will assess any needed reconstruction in order to get your property back to preloss condition.

We can simplify your restoration process by handling every needed step, including mitigation and rebuilds. SERVPRO will constantly communicate with you throughout and get you back in your home fast.

Regardless of the type of water damage sustained, SERVPRO has the tools and teams to help your home or business recover. Contact us 247 when you need a dependable team to help you recover.

Large Loss Recovery Tools for Flooded Poughkeepsie Offices

4/25/2022 (Permalink)

Inside of office Water damage can impact both you and your customer. Don't go it alone. Call SERVPRO for fast, effective remediation.

SERVPRO Utilizes Special Tools to Restore Flood Damaged Poughkeepsie Businesses

Because loss incidents are rarely the same from one structure to the next, SERVPRO professionals must arrive with a wide array of recovery tools after flooding and storm damage impact area offices and commercial properties. To fully and ultimately restore and dry flooded spaces, we have to utilize hundreds of drying tools from our leading inventory. 

Tracking the Migration of Moisture

To determine the impact of flood damage on Poughkeepsie offices, SERVPRO professionals must first introduce moisture tracking tools and equipment to the equation. During the initial inspection and evaluation of the grounds, we can use hygrometers, moisture meters, and thermal imagery to identify damp pockets beyond the surface materials to show where moisture migration occurs. 

Removing All Standing Water

As with nearly all flood loss scenarios, removing any standing water from affected areas is essential. While the threat of contamination might exist in specific events, some degree of water removal must still occur to protect the structure. This process combines several extraction and drying tools stocked on our production vehicles in the Green Fleet, including: 

  • Pumps
  • Vacuums
  • Wands
  • Drying Mats

Simultaneous Drying Solutions

Drying must happen all at once for office buildings to ensure that the threat is managed completely. Technicians strategically place dozens of axial and centrifugal air movers throughout the building. We can use a heavy-duty, trailered generator from our stock to supply lights, drying, and other restoration processes when available power is a concern. 

Whole Property Dehumidification

With the custom drying approach occurring with the air movers throughout the building, equipment needs to be placed and operated to manage the growing environmental moisture. A trailered outside desiccant dehumidification unit can be enough to regulate moist conditions in several office areas simultaneously. 

As overwhelming as water damage and flooding can be for your business, SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County can help with practical solutions even without contamination threats. Call now at (845) 635-4550.

SERVPRO is Here to Help with Water Damage Needs, Day or Night

4/18/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment being used on kitchen floor Our IICRC trained team has the know how to restore your water damaged room.

Why Poughkeepsie Residents Use Professionals for Water Damage Restoration

Those unexpected times when water damage occurs, the timer starts ticking for more losses, which equals more costs, and the more prolonged exposure to excess moisture exists for both contents and building materials. Besides the fact that water weakens and destroys the longer it remains, there is also the potential for secondary issues such as mold and foul odors, so outsourcing cleanup from water loss to professionals is a smart move.

When SERVPRO addresses water damage in a Poughkeepsie home, several layers of cleanup ensure secondary losses do not pose a problem later. We have different kinds of equipment to extract water quickly, ranging from portable pumps to standing wet vac units known as "Rovers" that utilize the weight of the technician and are highly maneuverable for quick water extraction. For large scale water-removal, our truck-mounted pumps perform the function in short order. 

The lack of professional equipment and knowledge for tracking water migration limits the cleanup abilities of many homeowners. It is vital to remove moisture from areas such as behind baseboards, floor joists, or subflooring. Hidden moisture sets a home up for potential mold colony growth, which requires professional remediation to eradicate the problem and stop the spread of spores.

Our SERVPRO technicians hold certifications and training in various restoration sciences taught through The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). A significant part of that instruction relates to water removal techniques and moisture reduction through actions such as weep holes drilled in saturated cabinetry or sheetrock to perform the dual function of drainage and letting adequate airflow into wall cavities for complete drying. 

Drying a room with excess moisture requires more than turning on fans. Knowing how to set up air movers to angle air up and out where dehumidifiers can capture it and port away quickly lowers moisture and results in more potential for restoration of the property and contents. Our goal is always to assist homeowners in restoring as much as possible and saving items from water loss with our proprietary cleaning techniques.

SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County handles water damage of all types in residences and commercial properties. Call us at (845) 635-4550, and we will arrive within hours of your initial call 24/7 because We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.