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Fire Damage Restoration In Poughkeepsie Can Require Wet Cleaning Walls

3/10/2020 (Permalink)

A hallway with a large amount of fire damage and soot on the walls and floors. Let SERVPRO assist and use our methods for your Poughkeepsie home after a fire damage.

Fire damage to your Poughkeepsie can be super tricky depending on the different surfaces in your home.

When an inferno breaks out on your Poughkeepsie property, a significant portion of the problems that get caused can be related to the smoke coming from the blaze. Smoke coming from an item that burns can cause different types of fire damage, including the presence of pungent aromas and soot residues. Even if the blaze was minor, mitigating issues the smoke created could become costly and time-consuming.

During a fire damage situation in Poughkeepsie, the smoke could have traveled far away from the source of the blaze. These partially combusted particles can also penetrate deep into the building materials and contents inside your house that contain porous surfaces such as softwood or drywall. The smoke can also vary when different fuels get burned during the inferno. The various types of smoke can adhere differently to surfaces inside your residence.

The general rule a professional restoration company like SERVPRO uses when determining the best soot residue cleaning method is that porous surfaces are best cleaned using dry rags or sponges and non-porous surfaces come out best using wet cleaning methods with water-based detergents. For example, your wooden walls and ones that are painted with a water-resistant gloss can be cleaned with H2O-based products, but other surfaces could soak up moisture and are best cleaned with dry methods.

When cleaning soiled walls, using wet cleaning methods, our SERVPRO technicians first test clean the area to figure out which chemical products will work best on your various surfaces. Once we determine the best products and techniques to use, we start the process by moving your furniture away from the walls and creating a staging area by coating your floors near the affected walls with plastic to prevent solid chemicals from falling onto your flooring.

We then mix the chemical product with the manufacturer's suggested amount of water and put it into a bucket. Next, we take rags and submerge them into the mixed solution. We use the wet rags to clean your walls with side to side strokes. After cleansing the affected areas, we then use our wall rinse solution on the affected regions.

If you ever need help cleaning your wood panel walls after they get coated with soot residues, call SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County at (845) 635-4550 24/7.

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What Few People Know About SERVPRO’s Certifications in Poughkeepsie

3/9/2020 (Permalink)

EPA lead certification logo It's important to find a company that knows what they are doing when it comes to lead. Contact SERVPRO for certified technicians.

Why SERVPRO’s EPA Lead-Safe Trained Team Should Be by Your Side in Poughkeepsie

Homes, including apartments, townhouses, and condominiums, built before 1978 can expose you, your family, and anyone entering to the hazards of exposure to lead paint. A common ingredient in paints before the passage of legislation banning its use in the late 1970s, daily wear and tear, rehabbing, or repair of affected surfaces can create chips and dust easily inhaled or ingested by occupants. 

Disaster Restoration Efforts and Potential Lead Exposure

The efforts of restoration professionals after a water, fire, mold, or another disaster can unintentionally dislodge bits of lead-based paint. Particularly when building materials suffer from damage extreme enough to require tear-out and removal in Poughkeepsie, lead awareness by both property owners and restoration crews is vital. Protection for you and your loved ones is why hiring a firm such as ours that is EPA Lead-Safe Certified is mandatory.

Restoration Tasks that Disturb Lead Compounds 

When appropriately trained and certified managers and technicians devise and implement a restoration plan after water, fire, mold, and other losses, the agenda can include tasks likely to produce the lead dust dangerous to anyone coming in contact. Drilling holes, saw cutting, scraping, and sanding all can loosen the lead-based coating. The resulting particles are tiny, impossible to see with the naked eye. They drift on air currents, get pulled into HVAC systems, and settle on surfaces throughout all spaces in your premises. Proficiency in proactive management of this dust is why SERVPRO commits to EPA Lead-Safe certification.

Who Is Most Vulnerable to Lead Dust?

Children are most likely to be poisoned by lead dust, touching surfaces and objects, such as toys, sprinkled with it, and then putting contaminated fingers and items in their mouths. Ingestion of lead dust can lead to:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Behavior issues
  • Diminished motor skills
  • Lowered intelligence
  • Hearing loss
  • Brain damage
  • Memory loss
  • Headaches

Prevention of these severe and permanent problems is a primary reason why SERVPRO obtained EPA Lead-Safe certification.  

Lead Safe Work Practices

The EPA established a protocol to determine if lead is present --  the Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule. Restoration companies that disturb paint inside pre-1978-built homes, apartments, schools, and daycare facilities must follow this mandate. Compliance with this rule for the safety of occupants and technicians is why SERVPRO supervisors complete the EPA’s Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Program. Straightforward safeguards can prevent the spread of and contact with lead dust:

  • Determine if the space under restoration contains lead, the inspection and testing completed by certified companies.
  • Communicate with building owners if lead is found, reviewing and receiving customer sign-off on documents that explain the risks.
  • Construct a work area containment system, sealing the HVAC system and employing negative pressure, HEPA filtered air scrubbers and personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers
  • Remove, bag, and seal all lead-contaminated materials, vacuum with HEPA-filter-equipped units and wipe down surfaces top to bottom. 

Our commitment to transforming lead-dust contaminated spaces to clean and safe environments is why SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County pledges to maintain our EPA Lead-Safe certification for our customers. Call us at (845) 635-4550 for an in-depth consultation and assessment of your circumstances.

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Some Ways to Avoid Storm Damage Issues in Poughkeepsie

2/29/2020 (Permalink)

flooded kitchen Regardless of the room or rooms in your home that flooding has affected, contact SERVPRO for effective water removal and remediation efforts.

Flood Removal In Poughkeepsie Could Involve Removing Your Carpets And Padding

If an intense snowstorm ever rolls into the Poughkeepsie area, the result can be snow accumulations that reach over a foot or more. Once the snow starts melting when it warms up, moisture could enter your home and cause you to have to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO to conduct flood removal. When dealing with H2O that comes into your structure from the outdoors, the water could be contaminated.

When conducting flood removal in Poughkeepsie, our SERVPRO technicians know that we are dealing with moisture that does not come from a clean source. H2O that enters your building due to severe weather gets classified as either category two or three situations. For example, if snow melting on your roof is the source of the problem, then the moisture could contain contaminants, so it is considered a category two problem. However, if the water entering your house is muddy water coming from snow melting on the ground and entering, then the situation and be classified as a category three scenario which gets treated the same as a sewage backup because the moisture is more than likely contaminated.

If muddy waters enter your dwelling, we can remove all of the porous materials inside your home, such as your carpets, upholstered furniture, and possibly your drywall. If contaminated moisture saturates any of your porous building materials or contents, then they could become affected by harmful bacteria, parasites, or fungi. Because of this, when dealing with category three or "black" water sources, we always remove your carpets and pad if they have retained moisture. We can also remove any wet drywall by cutting the material up from the floor. For instance, if your drywall is only wet at the very bottom, we can cut a foot or two up from the floors.

After your carpets and drywall get removed, we can then treat your subfloors and wall studs. If your subfloors got saturated by the category three moisture, then we can dry it out and then seal it with a specialized sealant paint to trap any harmful microorganisms or malodor particles. If the materials only got a little damp, then we can use a hand sprayer to spray them with a disinfectant. 

If you ever need help after snow melts and moisture enters your home, call SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County at (845) 635-4550 any day of the week.

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Water Damage In Your Poughkeepsie Home

2/23/2020 (Permalink)

water dripping from ceiling SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County is at your disposal whenever water damage takes over your home.

The Water is Gone, But the Smell Won't Leave My Poughkeepsie House!

All homeowners are susceptible to water damage. It can come from a window left open by mistake on a rainy day, from an overflowing bathtub or a broken pipe. As the seasons change, plumbing in older homes feels the pressure of adjusting to warmer temperatures, and the strain can sometimes be enough to disrupt your home. Regardless of the source, water can cause more damage than one may think, and a professional water restoration service becomes an essential component in bringing your home back to normal.

Those who live in Poughkeepsie and need water removal services have the benefit of having our SERVPRO crew readily available. Our team works around the clock to be nimble enough to respond to your emergency as soon as it happens. The water damage does not have to be catastrophic for you to benefit from our expertise. On the contrary, our array of techniques and industry tools allow us to serve water disasters of all sizes. Call and invite us into your home to assess the damage and establish a path to restoration.

Frequently homeowners fail to plan for the smell left behind by water leaks. Whenever water is left standing for any significant amount of time, your home may experience a residual smell that is not masked by scented candles or aroma diffusers. Once the water source is under control and humidity levels are reestablished, our SERVPRO team determines the best agents to counteract the odor lingering in your home. Depending on your needs, our knowledgeable technicians explore different techniques. These may include odor counteracting beads, mist deodorizers, ozone generators, and fog deodorizers, among others. The severity of the smell, its source, and the permeability of the items retaining it all play an essential role in deciding which method to use. When you call us, you can rest assured that our crew makes an educated decision based on your specific situation.

SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County is at your disposal whenever water damage takes over your home. Call us at (845) 635-4550 as soon as you detect the issue and let us get to work! Like you, we aim to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

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Ways Severe Snowstorms Can Flood Your Poughkeepsie Home

2/12/2020 (Permalink)

Icicles hanging from roof Let us help you get your Poughkeepsie home back in order after a devastation. Call us anytime at (845) 635-4550.

SERVPRO Teams can Assist you with Any Form of Weather Related Damage your Home Faces

The winter weather can threaten your Poughkeepsie home in many ways, and heavy snowfall is one of them. Snow by itself might seem harmless, but there are numerous destructive paths this precipitation could take to damage your house. Understanding these concerns can help you better prepare for these scenarios and even possibly prevent some of them.

Structural damage might be a costly situation, but flood snow damage to Poughkeepsie homes can be an even more significant obstacle and financial burden. Depending on the home insurance that you have and its coverage limitations, you might find that your policy only covers portions of flood loss recoveries. That is what makes understanding the potential destructive paths of snowstorm flooding beneficial to you.

Heavy Snowfall

Area homes have seen substantial snowfall over the years, regularly measuring more than a foot at a time during the heart of winter. The weight of this snow on your roof can test its limitations and sometimes cause structural breaches when portions of the roof collapse or supports break and the roof sags. These become penetration points for flooding.

Ice Damming 

Inadequate insulation in your home can cause snow to melt when it is still well below freezing outside. This melting can lead to situations like ice damming, which ultimately remove shingles from your roof as the growing ice forces melted water back into the house. This situation can go unnoticed at first but lead to substantial flooding concerns.  

Snowmelt Flooding 

Natural flooding from rising creeks and streams is another concern, as melting snow inevitably finds its way back to more significant bodies of water. Our SERVPRO professionals must prepare in these situations for widespread flooding concerns affecting multiple properties simultaneously.

Ice Jams 

Ice Jams are another concern for the area, as moving streams and rivers can dam up with floes of ice when specific conditions exist. Without a place for collecting water to go, water can spread out over the banks and affect houses and businesses in this immediate area.

There are several ways that heavy snowfall can lead to flooding in your home, and our SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County team can help you in all of these situations. Call our experienced professionals today at (845) 635-4550.

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We’re Here to Help With Storm Restoration | SERVPRO® of NW & SE Dutchess County

2/5/2020 (Permalink)

High winds and severe storms are a fairly common occurrence, but it is wise to not disregard the damage they can cause. Storm damage cost homeowners $2 billion in losses for the year 2018, making them one of the most common reasons homeowners file insurance claims.

In order to help you through the aftermath of storm damage to your home, we are here to help with all of your restoration needs. Learn more about our unique approach to damage and why we are a good choice to handle your storm restoration:

Why We’re a Good Choice for Home Restoration

Your Damages Will Be Restored With Care
Storm damage often involves multiple elements of destruction, including structural damage, moisture buildup and even mold accumulation. This makes it important to look at the entire issue of damage and restore it with all of these things in mind—and because we are fully certified in multiple types of damage and have extensive experience, we can do just that.

You Will Have Experienced Technicians on the Job
The technicians who do your restoration work make all the difference in the quality of work you receive, which is why we make sure ours are fully trained and prepared for all types of storm damage. Our technicians are educated to the standards of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification from the moment they are hired, and they also receive opportunities for continued education and seminars to expand their expertise.

You Will Receive Timely Service for Any Size Disaster
We are proud to be a locally owned and operated business, but we also have the unique benefit of the SERVPRO® national brand behind us. When large-scale damages occur, we can rely on our national colleagues to provide equipment and workforce resources to ensure everyone in the community will receive the restoration they need in a timely manner.

You Will Know We Are a Reputable Company
With all of our years of experience, we have unfortunately seen many customers get taken advantage of by post-storm scams by unscrupulous “restoration professionals.” Because we have a long-standing reputation as leaders in the restoration industry, you can trust that with us, you will receive quality work and will not fall victim to one of these scams.

If you have experienced storm damage or want to learn more, you can call us 247 for more details.

Water Damage In Your Hyde Park Home

1/31/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage to Your Hyde Park Home Must Be Addressed Quickly!

Any water damage in your home brings on a great deal of stress and worry. Sometimes, the impact is not immediately evident but comes on slowly. Whenever you see the first sign of water infiltration, acting as quickly as possible ensures you are on the path to full restoration. Hiring the professionals at SERVPRO to act fast to bring you the added peace of mind that you need in knowing that the job is going to get done right the first time.

Have you had a pipe that has burst or maybe a slow leak that is now presenting with water stains or soft spots on a ceiling or wall? Maybe you have an appliance that broke down, and water is now leaking behind a cabinet or underneath your flooring? No matter what type of water damage in Hyde Park you are facing, contacting our team of skilled technicians is the best course of action.

SERVPRO technicians arrive at your home for any water emergency, whether it happens day or night. With any water loss, time is of the essence, and we recommend that you contact us right away so that we can get started on the assessment and restoration process.

What We Do
Our team has been through all of the necessary training to handle your water damage problem. Once you call us, we come out to start an assessment to determine the level of damage and what contamination within the home must be addressed.

We inspect your carpet and flooring materials to determine the right extraction methods. Not all interior moisture is visible to the naked eye, so we employ the use of infrared technology to monitor moisture levels throughout the drying process. Other equipment we put to use includes professional-grade pumps, air movers, and dehumidifiers. Once drying is complete, the SERVPRO team ensures everything is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using specially formulated products.

Along with the drying and cleaning of your interior, SERVPRO assists with cleaning your belongings. All of this is done to eliminate foul odors and the onset of mold. We also work closely with your insurance company to ensure that your water loss claim goes as smoothly as possible.

Call our team at SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County at (845) 635-4550 if you are looking for help with water damage restoration. We can send a team out as soon as possible to make it “Like it never even happened.”

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Professional Water Removal for a Poughkeepsie Kitchen

1/25/2020 (Permalink)

Dishwasher leaking water in kitchen SERVPRO of Poughkeepsie is ready to tackle your water removal needs.

Avoiding Problems That Can Occur After Water Removal in Poughkeepsie Homes

One of the appliances that is essential for any kitchen is the dishwasher. However, without regular maintenance and inspections, many parts can fail and cause water damage to nearby structures, cabinetry, and flooring. If left unchecked, this can make your kitchen host to mold and other bacterial proliferation. Fortunately, there is a team that can help.

If your Poughkeepsie residence needs water removal fast, Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification IICRC-certified SERVPRO technicians are available to assist you at any time of the day or night. This team serves the community with industrial-grade tools and a thorough understanding of the science behind water damage and cleanup of water-related disasters. No matter what size disaster is affecting your home, SERVPRO can reach you within hours of your call to restore your residence to a preloss condition.

SERVPRO is Always Prepared

There are over 1,800 SERVPRO franchise locations across the US and Canada, all owned by local residents who know what their communities need to thrive. This is a team that understands that disasters do not occur when it is convenient for homeowners to deal with them. As a result, SERVPRO is always available to assist homeowners. That means you get access to rapid cleanup service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 

How SERVPRO Can Help

When a kitchen has a dishwasher leak, many things can be affected around it, including cabinetry and flooring. If you have a vinyl floor, for example, the moisture can affect the ability of your tiles to adhere to the floor, and they may require replacement or removal. If the floor covering is resilient linoleum, then rapid spillage removal can prevent seepage into the subfloor and mitigate damages and lower costs.

Soggy drywall and cabinetry can have holes drilled into them to facilitate ventilation and air movers and dehumidifiers can be strategically placed to address the damage. If contaminants are present, SERVPRO uses OSHA-approved, EPA-registered antimicrobials to remove residues and ensure that surfaces are thoroughly sanitized and disinfected. If odors are present, SERVPRO can use ultra-low volume foggers to spread water or solvent-based deodorizers that eliminate odor-causing particles by bonding with them.

SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County provides speedy service. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. When you need rapid disaster cleanup service, call (845) 635-4550 today.

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We Are The Right Choice For Fire Damage Restoration In Poughkeepsie

1/16/2020 (Permalink)

One of our cleaning equipments cleaning the wall in this property after a fire Call our certified professionals to assist with all your smoke damage needs after a fire. We have the experience and equipment available 24/7.

Be Smart About Whom You Hire for Commercial Fire Damage Remediation

A structure fire never discriminates, which means that no commercial space is entirely safe. Should your business suffer from fire loss, working with a trained team of technicians helps you to get back on track fast. Our staff at SERVPRO is available to start immediately on remediation so that your commercial space is back to normal without delay.

Commercial fire damage in Poughkeepsie may leave a fair amount of superficial damage, including discoloration of walls and furnishings due to soot and smoke. Even though these effects may not interfere with regular activities within your business, clients and customers expect your space to be in pristine condition. SERVPRO technicians can get to work on your storefront, restaurant, or any other type of commercial space that you run so that you do not lose out on sales or productivity. 

The Aftermath of a Fire

Damage from a fire and the water used to extinguish it makes any commercial space look awful. SERVPRO technicians help in a variety of ways to get through the mess and extract water with high-powered vacuums. We sort items into groups based on what is salvageable, what is not, and what is deemed questionable. We also provide pack-out services to move items off-site to facilitate the restoration process better. 

Dealing with Soot and Smoke

The soot, smoke, and other residues left behind after fire call for special treatment to get your commercial space back to normal. The smoke penetrates items and leads to long-term problems due to corrosion. When unaddressed, further deterioration takes place, impacting the integrity of materials and items within your business. SERVPRO technicians evaluate all of the items inside your business, thoroughly cleaning everything salvageable. When necessary, thermal foggers and air scrubbers help to eradicate any residual odors fully.

Even if the walls throughout your commercial space look clean after fire damage, they can still smell terrible from smoke penetration. When solvent cleaning does not release the residue, SERVPRO technicians can use sealant followed by priming and painting to help the walls smell and look like new once again.

Do you need help with efficient mitigation of commercial fire damage? One call to SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County does it all. Give us a call at (845) 635-4550, and we will send a team out for an assessment of your needs as soon as possible.

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Flood Damage Poughkeepsie – Infectious Waste Handling

12/30/2019 (Permalink)

A room in a home with glass walls with standing dirty water. Let SERVPRO break down what all your Poughkeepsie home can endure after a flood.

Flood water can bring in so much more than just water in your Poughkeepsie home.

Floodwaters combine with all sorts of biohazards, including chemicals, sewage, and fuels, as floodwaters overflow streams and rivers into streets and neighborhoods. Floodwaters may wash through your home, depositing debris and hazardous materials in your home. Consumers should be careful to avoid coming into contact with these materials to prevent infections and sickness.

SERVPRO has provided construction and flood damage services for over 20 years in the Poughkeepsie area. We have twenty-five highly trained technicians that have experience dealing with virtually every catastrophe imaginable. Our training includes restoration from water, fire, flood, and storm damage.

Concern for our Customers Around Infectious Waste

Many customers want to pitch in and begin cleanup after a flood. There may be family heirlooms and other personal items the homeowner would like to rescue. Occupants can be exposed to a variety of harmful chemicals as well as bacteria, viruses, and fungi that could be very harmful to their health. Some infections from bacteria and viruses can enter through the skin, especially if there are cuts, abrasions, or scratches on the skin. These are serious hazards that can send you to the hospital.

SERVPRO equips our technicians for this potentially dangerous environment. The cleanup team may wear respirators, chemically resistant gloves, rubber boots, splash goggles, and full-body suits for their protection. Containment areas may be set up to control the spread of contaminants to other unaffected areas of the building. We remove all of the contaminated materials and dispose of them following industry guidelines.

The flooding and damage may seem overwhelming at first to homeowners. SERVPRO has lots of experience in these conditions. We follow a standard protocol that removes debris and contaminated material, cleans, and disinfects everything in the home, followed with restoration. We aim to return your home to its original condition, "Like it never even happened."

Call SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County at (845) 635-4550 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Pleasant Valley, Dover Plains, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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