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Hyde Park Mold Damage Is a Threat to Households

5/10/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO car in a parking lot overlooking a lake When you need mold damage restoration in Hyde Park, you can trust SERVPRO to get the job done.

Mold Damage in Hyde Park Properties Should Be Professionally Remediated

Along with water damage that typically serves as a cause, mold destroys homes and requires several cleaning, repair, and remediation levels. The threat to your house amplifies the longer that microbial threats go unchallenged and unresolved. SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County has a roster of qualified and experienced remediation professionals to help mitigate loss and clean up after microbial damage.

Discovering Mold Damage

Mold damage in Hyde Park residences and businesses is not always easy to distinguish and recognize. Even with the highly destructive nature of active colonization, you might not immediately notice a forming microbial organism if you are not conscious of this possibility. A few potential signals for a developing microbial concern include:

  • Malodors – An identifying condition that could indicate active colonization is an offensive, musty odor in specific areas of your household.
  • Physical Spotting – Drywall can show physical signs of mold exposure, often in the form of irregular spots appearing on the painted visible interior surface.
  • Damp Surfaces – Surfaces that stay wet to the touch or areas of your home that are noticeably humid can be ideal conditions for active colonies.

What Makes Mold Destructive?

Microbial growth is underrated because many homeowners do not realize what must happen to sustain and support a colony of mold spores. Organic matter is a food source for organisms, deteriorating structural elements hosting microbes. Wood particles in drywall, for instance, can be food for the colony and remain damp enough to facilitate the growth of the organism as well.

Remediation Solutions for Mold Damage

Even with containment barriers installed to limit the available migration of active mold spores, several surfaces can be impacted or influenced by colonies growing in the work area. Several remediation strategies can help, including:

  • Surface Treatment - Chlorine products and sporicidal solutions from our inventory have lower toxicity than other chemicals, so they are more widely used as the first defense against active microbial threats.
  • Abrasive Cleaning - Media like sodium bicarbonate or ground corn cobs combined with pressurized air or water can effectively remove active surface mold concerns without ruining the host material. This is an appropriate next step if surface treatment solutions are not penetrative enough.
  • Sanding/Mechanical Action - Hand and power sanding approaches remove a thin layer of surface material from building elements like wood framing. If this process is enough to remove the full hyphae of the organism, it can prevent tear-out and reconstruction.
  • Controlled Demolition - This process utilizes the full spectrum of available services with our general contractor license to perform calculated and precise removal of affected building materials. Partial removal strategies improve reconstruction times and prevent higher remediation costs.

Full-Service Contractors for Mold Damage

Our contractor license is advantageous in choosing the high-efficiency remediation services our SERVPRO professionals provide. While controlled demolition is a staple of remediation approaches, having a team of capable professionals able to repair and build back the residence after mold damage cleanup is critical. Our reconstruction targets remediation-related damage and necessary steps to prevent mold recurrences.

"Like it never even happened."

As with all restoration and remediation actions that our team takes, we strive to remove mold and overcome the physical harm to the property however possible. Our objective is to return the house to preloss condition, which means a state where you can no longer tell that destructive mold impacted the residence.

When mold damage in Hyde Park is discovered, trust our SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County remediation team to help. We are available 24/7 at (845) 635-4550.

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