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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Upstate New York Homeowners Know to Count on SERVPRO for Cleanup and Recovery After a Damaging Event to Their Residences

7/2/2019 (Permalink)

Looks Like It is Time to Call SERVPRO to Visit Your Poughkeepsie Property for Restoration Services

What Makes Us a Leading Local Restoration Service for Poughkeepsie Property Owners

A premier restoration service in the Poughkeepsie area returns a property to its preloss state after damages caused by fire, water, mold or storms, whenever possible. Depending on the scale of the job at hand, this process could involve mobilizing large amounts of equipment and human resources in a short space of time. The severity resulting in an insurance claim could also incorporate the use of third-parties. These third parties may include first responders, like the fire department, or general contractors, architects and remodelers. We can liaise with third parties on your behalf to ensure that you only have to deal with one company during what can be a stressful and debilitating period.

Property concerns involving water damage in Poughkeepsie are more common than you might think. As a restoration service, water claims make up a significant proportion of our yearly call-outs. Anything from aging plumbing systems that burst or crack during changing temperatures, to accidental damages like frozen pipes or leaving a faucet open can be a reason to call SERVPRO.

Our certified water restoration technicians (WRT) have seen, and successfully dealt with, minor, medium scale, and major damages across Poughkeepsie and Dutchess County. One of the most crucial aspects of delivering this service is to remove excess water and dry a property as quickly as possible. Moisture can permanently stain, damage or weaken structure and contents with prolonged exposure.

SERVPRO uses a large arsenal of advanced equipment to dry your Poughkeepsie residence properly. Water removal can be achieved using pumps or, more commonly, portable extraction units complete with 40-50 gallon tanks. Drying a property involves careful measurement of saturation levels using moisture meters, sensors, and thermal imaging cameras. Rapid air movers used in conjunction with dehumidifiers can deliver exceptional results in removing moisture from a structure and guard against future microbial growth issues.

Homeowners with mold damage in Poughkeepsie can rely on us to provide expert remediation of the immediate and bothersome symptoms. Although mold spores exist in all home environments, these microscopic fungi can become a problem in ideal conditions of heat, moisture, and humidity. Ripe conditions can result in the rapid proliferation of mold spores into fully-formed colonies that affect indoor air quality and soil possessions.

Tell-tale signs of a microbial issue could be the presence of an unpleasant odor in some regions of the home. You may also notice visible signs of bacterial growth in corners, walls, ceilings, or fabrics. The material signs of fungi in your Poughkeepsie home are enough to bring in professional restoration services that can control microbial growth and eliminate colonies or odors. SERVPRO can effectively remediate these issues and, in most situations, return your home to a preloss condition.

In dealing with a microbial growth problem, the priority for a SERVPRO technician is to find the source of the issue. We often find that mold growth is the result of a pre-existing water issue, a damp spot or moisture pocket. By tackling the issue at the source using proper drying methods, we can prevent the mold from returning after service is complete. Removing colonies may require corrosive chemical agents that can remove finish or paintwork. SERVPRO can repaint areas of damage using an anti-microbial base coating to prevent future issues and ensure microbial growth is kept in check.

Carrying out restoration services on properties with fire damage in Poughkeepsie usually involves cleaning smoke residues and eliminating odors rather than restoring the structure. SERVPRO odor control technicians (OCT) try to recreate the conditions in which malodors were initially spread to neutralize them. In a fire, the odor spreads primarily through the smoke, which can be challenging to remediate, particularly when it enters ventilation systems or other cavities in the home.

Using the right equipment is fundamental to providing excellent restoration services in Poughkeepsie. Thermal fogging equipment uses heating elements to heat odor control liquids into a vapor. The vapor can then be expelled either into the affected area if smoke was contained, or throughout the property. The vaporized solvent used by SERVPRO contains chemical pairing agents which bond with odor particles, neutralizing them rather than merely masking them.

As a homeowner, it can often be tempting to assist in the restoration service. SERVPRO recommends that you follow the advice of your technician. Some dry soot that has settled on surfaces and flooring can be relatively simple to clean yourself. However, wet smoke deposits can be spread around, causing more damage if attempted without the proper training or equipment. Our technicians are happy to direct you to areas where you can assist but may also need you to stay away from certain areas in your Poughkeepsie home to avoid potentially causing further damage.

We operate emergency restoration services for storm damage in Poughkeepsie. Since these events can be challenging to predict and often occur out of hours, SERVPRO has a team of on-call technicians who can assist you in times of emergency. We operate on a safety first basis that ensures immediate hazards are dealt with quickly before preventative measures are taken to control the severity of property damages.

One vital part of our restoration services is to perform scoping. Scoping refers to the inspection of your Poughkeepsie home for safety hazards. These could include electrical hazards, broken glass or debris or the checking of floors and ceilings to make sure the structure itself is intact. SERVPRO technicians can also perform emergency board ups to maintain security in the property if the job site requires more than a few hours of restoration.

In severe storms, there is a high chance that your Poughkeepsie property may require general contractors. These general contractors may need to replace windows, doors, or other structural elements in the home. SERVPRO technicians can assess whether or not it is beneficial to perform emergency drying or deodorization of the property before the arrival of third-parties. In the case of contaminated water, it is a safety requirement to remove and dispose of the contaminated materials before general contractors enter.

SERVPRO of NW & SE Dutchess County is a leading, local provider of restoration services covering storm, water, fire and mold damages. Contact us today at (845) 635-4550 to arrange a visit or service.

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